Monday, May 19, 2008

Hartford Police Department First Quarter Crime Statistics for 2008

To Friends, Supporters and Those Interested in the Hartford Police Department:

As my first Blog, I wish to take the opportunity to provide you with an update as to the state of crime in our city during the first quarter of 2008, and some plans I address my serious concern with respect to gun related violence in our city. Click on the heading above or links below for a briefing on the HPD's first quarter crime statistics as reported to the FBI under Uniform Crime Reports, as well as photos, maps, and background data. I hope you will find of interest and clairty with respect to public safety issues facing the City of Hartford.

Map of 188 gun related incidents between March 16 and May 14, 2008
Bar chart of 1st Quarter HPD Crime Statistics 2008,
Index of 1st Quarter HPD Crime Statistics 2008

Click here to view five years of City of Hartford crime statistics on the HPD's Crime Analysis and Statistics webpage.


Cable Guy said...

Looks great!

Hartford Chief of Police said...

Thanks for the feedback. It is my first blog. Chief Roberts.

Southender said...

This is an improvement over the web site (which is cumbersome). I realize that your first postings are long(er) due to the need to provide an overview.

When I looked at the statistics for both 2007 and the first quarter of 2008, I was surprised at the high number pf crimes in the Southeast (where I live). The % of reduction of crimes compared to the other sections is not as signficant. Why do you think it has not dropped off as much?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chief,
I just want to say our family appreciates what you and the brave men and women do daily. For such a small city, your job is huge.
Our vision comes from one of us in EMS, the other specializes in distressed property.. property management. We also live in downtown. We see your challenge first hand, daily.

1-Are there any plans in the works to add more K-9 being brought in?
2- Cars are expensive, has/does the HPD consider using seized autos for the undercover/plain clothed units? Atlanta implemented this and on the back is painted.."donated by your local drug dealer" With a D.A.R.E logo.
3- Has HPD looking at any testing of the Star Chase System?
4- What would you like to see the general public do more, to help you with your job?

I hope your weekend is safe an uneventful. We DO appreciate your efforts. We know your intentions are in the right direction, but we also remember who sits in the office at 550 Main Street. Hope that office is supportive to.

Anonymous said...

It is Good to know that finally, there is a Police Chief in Hartford, CT who really cares and who is very engaged in the law and order of the city. I hope the other fellow police officers on the force will follow suit and can rebuild a more trusting repor with city citizens, especially in neigbhorhoods of high crime. The "Trust" factor needs to come back so these crimes can dimish and the good citizens will not fear living in their own neighborhoods or fear talking to officers when needed. Not all police officers are bad! Thanks Chief Roberts!

Cruiser6 said...

Having known and worked with Daryl Roberts for many years, I can sincerely say that your trust and your hopes for an effective Chief of Police could not have been invested in a better person.

The demands of this job are enormous. I served under nine police chiefs in my career and watched many of them succumb to the demands of a variety of interests.

The Hartford Police Chief must answer to: The Citizens, of course. City Hall. His own Men and women personnel; The Media. And the various Unions that serve these workers.

I believe that if anyone can turn this city around and make it a safer and more desirable place to live and work in, it is Chief Daryl Roberts.

He needs, and deserves, all of our support and our assistance.

baby mac said...

Hi Chief,
You are doing a great job.I would like to see more officers visible on the streets,however I understand the need for undercover work to address the hot spots on the street.Keep smiling.
Live Well

baby mac said...

Hi Chief Daryl Keith, You are doing a great job

FlawlessWalrus said...

It's great to see a Charter Oak State College alum contributing online!

I've added a link to your blog from your "Student Success Story" page on

You can check it out here:

quietguy said...

Congratulations! I am sure the blog will be a wonderful tool to improve life in Hartford and the Police's work. I want to take the opportunity to show, as an immigrant, my admiration for the preemptive work of the Police in the US in general, as I have seen the damage done when things are badly organized and left loose. The constant work on preventing and fighting crime is essential, as is the need to fight its causes. Keep the good work, you’re in the right direction.

Mike from Franklin Ave. said...

Hey Daryl,
Nice to see "local boy does good." I was in your homeroom at Bulkeley (class of '77) and always thought you had that "extra" that the rest of the people needed. Still running (and winning) the 300m indoors??? I'm really proud that you stayed in Hartford and are making a difference. I know crime has been a problem for decades in Hartford. I remember the lockdowns at Bulkeley in the mid 70's and the general urban strife (you know, the puerto rican doesn't like whites, the whites don't like puerto ricans, the blacks don't like whites, the blacks don't like puerto ricans and so on and so on and so on.) Question, and I haven't been back there since 1984, is there really a Subway across Franklin Avenue from Franklin Giant Grinders?? Your friend, Mike Skevos