Friday, June 27, 2008

From the Chief's Desk

From the Chief’s Desk:

Over the past week numerous individuals have resorted to gun violence to resolve their differences and/or conflicts, two such incidents resulting in homicides. This senseless gun violence must stop.

Let me make it clear to those who perpetrate these crimes, that the Hartford Police Department and members of our community have a zero tolerance for this violence and that, working together, we will hold these individuals accountable for their actions.

Please know that the Hartford Police Department will work harder to get more guns off the street and out of the hands of our young people. Year to date we have seized 191 firearms and made 103 firearm related arrests. We will work with families to make kids understand that using a gun is not the way to resolve differences. And, we have and will continue to enforce zero tolerance for any and all crime, especially crimes involving gun violence.

As the 2008 Safe City Initiative is in full swing you will see a strong police presence. You will see the HPD address crime aggressively and in the most professional way – everyday.

As your police chief I take my responsibility very personally and I am passionate about our City and my service to our citizens. I believe in the people of Hartford. As we come together as a community I have no doubt we can and will meet the challenges before us and ultimately make our city stronger – as strong as its people.

Your Chief, Daryl K. Roberts


Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote:

"In regards to Chief Daryl K. Roberts recent article posted in the Courant "Citizens Must Tak Stand For Hartford", I understand how Chief Roberts feels about the people and community he was born and raised in. My parents moved to Hartford, CT in 1992 from camden, NJ where poverty and crime took over the city. I was 14 years old. I still love and visit my home town. I respect and praise Chief Roberts for his dedication and his messsage to the poeple of his community."

Nick K.D Chaleunphone said...

Chief Daryl K. Roberts,
You know what would get the kids off the streets and very productive, start a police explorers post for Hartford PD and work with the Hartford Middle and High schools. Also, have you ever though about doing military style checkpoints into areas that you deemed to be trouble spots. Having checkpoints would deter those from coming into areas and causing trouble.

Hartford Chief of Police said...

Dear Nick,
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. We have a very active Explorer and Cadet programs at the HPD, both of which I am proud of for they have had great success in mentoring young people from the city for career in law enforcement. The HPD is also partnering with CREC in the creation of the Public Safety theme Magnet High School aimed at grooming young men and women for careers in law enforcement. You are right, checkpoints are effective policing tools. We run checkpoints regularly and randomly throughout the city. However, I do not know if they are the same in design as the “military” ones you reference.
Chief Daryl K. Roberts

J Dog said...

I heard about the tragic shooting on Park Street this past weekend. This incident is not indicative of the people in this neighborhood. I was at a prayer service on Park St. that night. I was wondering if video from this shooting exists? It seemed to be at the same intersection as the horrible car accident, and more than likely recorded on the same camera. I know the citizens of the area wish to have a second chance to prove to you that their moral character is strong. The good citizens of Hartford may be of some help in this investigation and in the quelling of the violence?

Marie Louise said...

Dear Chief Roberts,
It was a pleasure meeting you the other day at the restaurant meeting at Agave. I know that everyone in the room found the meeting very informative and I think it gave us all a better understanding of what it happening in the downtown district on a regular basis. I've just watched the YouTube video from the armed robbery on Park Street at Town Market - a chilling scene. I can't imagine what it's like to live in a neighborhood where there is always the fear of having such an encounter on a daily basis. I wish we could find some kind of answer, help the youth of America see the big picture and have hopes and aspirations beyond the limits of their neighborhood and the street.
Once again it was a pleasure meeting you and your team - please let me know if I can help in any capacity that I am able.

Laura Mahon
Sales & Marketing Manager
Morton's The Steakhous - Hartford

Anonymous said...

I attended the meeting last night at the Charter Oak Cultural Center. I was not able to speak, as there were many people already in the queue. I would like to say that I believe personal responsibility, the ability for everyone to attend a discussion in each neighborhood and support from all community members are the critical to improving Hartford.

This week's Hartford News (July 3-10) contains a disturbing article written by Mr. Krayeske. I consider on par with the outrageous rants on Hartford Courant's blog . I have sent an email to their email address expressing my opinion. Below is a copy of my email. I strongly recommend that you read the article yourself.

My email -
I read the 40 Year Plan July 3-10 Issue) item several times and asked my husband what his thoughts were, as the article was baffling.

Is Mr. Krayeske afraid of retribution for his complicity in the apprehension of a person allegedly involved in several gun shootings? Was this the purpose of the article?

This person, with the alleged role in several shootings, was afraid the police would apprehend him before his birthday. His sister was knowledgeable about his whereabouts, this makes her an accessory after the fact, a punishable crime. Her quote made it sound as if the police were harassing and threatening her rather than carrying out a law. Prefacing or following the quote, there was no clarification.

If my understanding is accurate, I consider this to be an ethical issue which is plaguing Hartford. What do I mean by that? IF Mr. Krayeske believes that the police misused information to apprehend an alleged criminal. IF Mr. Krayeske thinks that it is more important for this said alleged criminal to spend his birthday with family, rather than for the victims and their families to have justice and be able to understand what happened.

Your paper printed this article, I consider it to be an insult to the victims, their families, and my community.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chief,
I just wanted to say I am really happy to see the check points happening on a regular basis Main Street, Downtown.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for you and your Officer's dedication to duty! In following the spate of violence which seems to be happening in the Southern part of our City to the untrained eye, is seems that gangs might be starting to form or infiltrate the Barry Square area. Can you shed any light on what's actually happening and what can be done to prevent the formation of gangs in what has seemed to be a relatively quite area in our city?

Hartford Chief of Police said...

In response to the anonymous posting of June 30th regarding crime in the Southend, I would recommend that the writer contact the area commander, Lieutenant Edwin Dailey at 757-4454, or email at, to discuss specifics of the HPD proactive activities in the Southend suppress crime. I am sure Lieutenant Dailey will be able to provide you with the details and answers to the questions you have posed. Thank you for your kind words of support for the men and women of the HPD. They are very much appreciated.