Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update on Operation Safe City

As many of you may have already heard through your media of choice, Operation Safe City, a partnership between the Hartford Police Department and the Connecticut State Police geared to suppress violent crime in our great city, began yesterday, Monday, June 16th. As I write twelve uniform state troopers are working alongside Hartford police in a variety of capacities that will include walking beats, bicycle patrols, and other support activities. Without tipping our play book to the criminals we seek to eradicate from our streets, I can assure you that you will see a stronger police presence in your neighborhood.

This partnership with the Connecticut State Police is another component of our 2008 Safe City Initiative that I am confident will deter violent crime in our city. Please check out my previous Blogs for specific details about our 2008 Safe City Initiative. I look forward to hearing from you with your concerns, comments, and suggestions.

Your Chief of Police
Daryl K. Roberts


Anonymous said...

This sounds like propaganda put out by the public information officer, not the true words of the chief. Give me a break.

Southender said...

I would like to comment on the 2008 Safe City Initiative's 17 programs. Wow. That is a lot of programs.

I do not know enough about each of those programs to know which one covers litter. I saw the commercial created with Hartford youth - and thought it was a nice beginning. But what is the overall plan to address this serious issue? I realize that enforcement belongs to the police, but does the overall effort fit? With 17 programs, I think the Police Depts plate is full. But who will drive this? Where is the funding to support it?

Anonymous said...

Given the history of summer time violence in Hartford I am glad to see there is an effort to anticipate the need for supplimental law enforcement support and the willingness to seek it. The addition of 12 law enforcement officers to HPD's complement of officers can only be characterized as prudent and it is obviously fiscally responsible, since the State is picking up the tab for the supplimental manpower. Thank you for a pro-active approach to Hartford's unfortunate rise in seasonal crime.

Anonymous said...

I continue to be amazed by the Arrest Logs released by your Department. It's obvious that your Officers are doing their job! Each day they remove 30 to 40 scumbags from the street. Most of these individuals are repeat offenders and unfortunately most will be released back into the community by Connecticut's Judicial system. For whatever reason Judges today seem incapable of providing justice to the community, rather they seem to focus on the possibility that the repeat offenders will change their ways. In my experience, when your actions have no consequenses there is no reason to change your behaviour. I call upon the Govenor to provide leadership such that the our Legislature will pass laws which require Judges to focus on providing justice for our community as well!

Again, thank you and your Officers for their dedicaiton to duty and their willingness to put their lives on the line for those of us who live in Hartford.