Friday, August 1, 2008

Mid Summer Report

As we are upon mid summer and our efforts to curb gun violence in the city continue, I want to share with you a few statistics relating to our activities over the past six weeks. Since June 16th, the HPD has conducted 2,322 directed patrols and 1,168 field interviews throughout the city. As a result of our quality of life enforcement efforts we have made 386 criminal trespass and loitering arrests, 79 breach of peace arrests, 105 public drinking arrests, and issued 1,183 motor vehicle violations. In July alone we made 1,157 Community Court referrals for quality of life offences.

Year to date we have seized 252 firearms, made 130 firearm related arrests, and responded to more than 187,000 calls for service. The men and women of the HPD and their State Trooper partners are walking foot beats, riding bicycles and patrolling our streets in cruisers. They are working very hard.

I also want to report there are many citizens in our city who are working just as hard with us to make our city safer. I want to convey my thanks and appreciation to them for coming forward and assisting police in investigating crime in our city. This week alone we solved 2 of the 3 homicides that occurred several weeks ago. We will continue to aggressively investigate all crimes and bring those responsible to justice.

Despite our most vigilant suppression efforts, gun violence continues to plague certain areas of the city, perpetrated by individuals who have no regard for the safety of our community or themselves. So, we continue to need your help. This week the Connecticut State Police announced a new text messaging system for confidential tips. The information will come through the State Police to local police departments and be completely confidential and anonymous. This program has proven successful in other states throughout our nation.

Here is a link to information about the text messaging program:
Please use it!

As always, I look forward to receiving your comments, suggestions, and any concerns you may wish to share with me and other readers. I will make every effort to respond to each of you.

Chief Daryl K. Roberts

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