Friday, February 13, 2009

A Message From Chief Daryl K. Roberts

Please accept my invitation for you to visit the new HPD homepage on our website at www.Hartford.Gov/police. In response to user feedback we have been working hard at improving navigation and presentation of information on our website from a community perspective.

You will see on the right menu (in light blue) red links to department services and information. This new navigation menu is designed to improve citizen access to information is a quick and easy manner.

Inasmuch as the site remains a constant work in progress, your suggestions on design and content are most welcome and invaluable to me as I continue my efforts to increase accessibility of information about services and programs of the department.

You may recently have seen the digital billboards on I-91 and I-84 promoting Hartford Crime Stoppers. I extend my thanks and appreciation to Lamar Advertising and Hartford Crime Stoppers for their continuing efforts to bring attention to this valuable community program. By providing guaranteed anonymity to tipsters, and cash rewards for information leading to an arrest in a police investigation, Hartford Crime Stoppers is not only a valuable community crime prevention tool, but also a program of community empowerment. I encourage you to take advantage of Hartford Crime Stoppers whose motto is “Protect our community and we will protect your identity.”

It is my intent to write as often as I can – about current issues effecting the Hartford Police Department and the community we serve and protect. Please share your thoughts, concerns, or problems in our community or with the department you wish me to address.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

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